All our staff have taken the course for the prevention of covid 19 taught by the federal government of the United Mexican States. Safe Travel CancĂșn, Safe Travel with CancĂșn Airport Transfers

Cancun Safe Travel

Our vehicles are cleaned with disinfectant and antibacterial cleaning products between each trip. Our drivers use hand sanitizer and face masks throughout the entire operation of the vehicle, and change uniforms throughout the delay. Our airport representatives and drivers have been asked to suspend courtesy with a handshake. Hand sanitizer and masks are available for passengers. Rest assured that we take great care of your safety.

Ground transportation service Health and hygiene protocols and guidelines Our commitment is to provide safe and healthy transportation services to our valued customers. Before the new normal caused by the pandemic, we train all our personnel to prepare and execute operational plans by: Creation and implementation of protocols and guidelines for staff, including airport representatives, drivers, and local transportation-related service providers.

Provide our staff with the necessary tools and information on infection control, physical contact, utensil exchange, proper clothing and improved hygiene measures, the use of masks and gloves as recommended by local health authorities and international. Request that key stakeholders, such as transportation partners, have trained their staff based on related protocols to enable a consistent approach across the sector. Regular monitoring of team members' well-being by leadership, encouraging them to follow government health guidelines.

Providing a safe experience

As ground transportation operators, we work to provide a safe experience for our staff and our passengers through improved cleanliness and hygiene. He worked with providers to understand what additional measures have been developed.

Implemented and confirmed with process providers focused on improved sanitation, disinfection, and deep cleaning practices for trucks, buses, and other used vehicles, as well as increasing their cleaning / disinfection frequency.

For your safety, we only use selected disinfectant products approved by the health authorities. Revised guidance for cleaning crews with a specific focus on high-frequency contact points, including handrails, door handles, air-conditioned filters, overhead cabinets, and headsets, if applicable.

Improve the cleaning frequency accordingly, before each transport service and just after completing it, the vehicle will be disinfected by the driver. Approved sanitizing products are available on boarding for passengers in the form of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, as applicable. Regulate the number of passengers on board or implement the space between the seats if required by local legislation. Implementation of customer processes that include information and minimize physical contact.

Limited physical contact and queues when possible. For security, passengers must bring their own masks; however, face masks are available on board if required.